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Green County COVID Update — September 2021


September 13, 2021

Green County COVID Update — September 2021

Green County Emergency Operations Center Situation Report #46 September 9, 2021 


The EOC group met to share information on September 9, 2021. The next meeting of this sharing group will be on September 30, 2021. 


Green County has experienced 3,857 positive cases of Covid-19. There are currently 105 active cases with the County at a VERY HIGH Transmission rate. Three cases are hospitalized. The average daily positive daily rate is 7.3%. There are 17 outbreaks in the County. The breakdown of the positives indicates that the 30-39 age group is the highest. The vaccination rates for the 12-15 age group is 41% and the 16-17 age group is 50%. Just under 55% of the population in Green County are considered fully vaccinated. 


Green County Public Health continues to provide COVID Mondays from 9 AM to 11 AM at the Government Services building. Hometown Pharmacies also provides testing. 


The CDC has not announced when a booster will be available to the general public. The county adheres to the recommendation of the CDC that masks should be worn indoors for the time being.


The Monroe Clinic Hospital is experiencing staffing issues. Applicants to fill positions are lacking. 


Numerous County committees are recommending a mask mandate for employees, with will be presented to the County Board at the next meeting. 


Pleasant View Nursing Home has 2 staff members who have received positive test results. One had been vaccinated and the other had not. Twice weekly testing of employees is ongoing and has proven negative. All staff have gone back to wearing N95’s and face shields. Visitation is currently on hold. They are also having issues with staffing and job vacancies. 


Most school districts in the county are making masks mandates for in-class participation, in some school districts this mandate only applies to Pre-K through 5th or 8th grades. Numerous parents are vigorously objecting. School board meetings are quite contentious with various degrees of opinions on wearing masks being noted. 


Most Human Services benefits continue. Staffing is also an issue. 


The Green County Leaders program will be concentrating on civil approaches. 


The Sheriff’s Department has returned to requiring masks in the building and any time there are two people in a patrol car. There is currently one staff member who is quarantined. Local law enforcement agencies are continuing with masking protocols. 


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