Recycling Committee

Committee Chair

Kevin Santulis

Phone: (608) 455-1523
Email: [email protected]

Recycling Board Member & Town Treasurer

Russell Cichy

Phone: (608) 220-4508
Email: [email protected]

Recycling Board Member

Gordy Miller

Phone: (608) 669-3469
Email: [email protected]

Recycle Center Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation:

Summer Hours: Sat 8AM - 2PM & Tues 6PM - 8PM.

Summer Hours start the Saturday before Memorial Day and end on Labor Day. Note the Tuesday after Labor Day the Recycling Center will be closed.


Winter Hours: Saturday 8 AM -4 PM

Winter Hours start Labor Day and end the Saturday before Memorial Day


Recycling Center & Waste Disposal Location

N8790 Benson Road, Brooklyn, Wisconsin 53521

Phone Number: 608-575-8821

Lead Attendant: John Franklin

Assistant: Thor Mikkelson

Recycling Rules, Costs & Best Practices

At this link you can find the Town of Brooklyn Recycle Center Rules, Costs, and Best Practices.

Mission Statement

Provide the Town of Brooklyn residents practical, affordable, and environmentally friendly waste management services; promote thoughtful recycling practices for current and future generations; and operate with minimal financial impact on the Town’s budget.

Town of Brooklyn Residents cannot use Green County Landfill

As of December 31, 2015, Town of Brooklyn Residents can no longer use the Green County Landfill--even if agreeable to paying their tipping fee. The Green County Landfill made a decision to restrict the use of their solid waste collection site only to Towns who “participate” in their program. For many years, the Town of Brooklyn has opted not to use the Green County Landfill and to use private contractors for disposal of the Town waste and recyclables as a more economical option for the Town.

In recent years, Green County Landfill use has fallen due largely to the use of private haulers in the City of Monroe and other communities that are delivering the waste to alternative sites. This has driven up costs at their landfill which has many fixed costs associated with the liability of potential leaks at the current and all previously closed landfills in Green County. In an attempt to mitigate those costs, the Green County Landfill has asked municipalities to “participate” and assume a share of those liabilities. The Town Board has determined this would not be in the best interest of the Town of Brooklyn residents to bear this fiscal burden we did not create.

This new restriction by the Green County Landfill does not affect the program to collect silage bags from farmers in the Town of Brooklyn. For other materials you would normally haul to the Green County (Monroe) landfill and are not accepted at our Town recycling center, we advise Town residents contact a private contractor for pickup.