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Your assessment can be obtained by going to: and using the "Land Record System" in the column on the right.   

You can check your assessment or anyone elses in Green County. Under "Quick Links" select "Land Record System".  From the Municipality drop down select "Town of Brooklyn".  After that you only need to put in your "Last Name" or "Address" to bring up your information or anyone in the Town.  To find your assessment, select from the "Drop Down" under: Select Detail and select:  Assessment.  You will be able to select the year for the specific assessment you want.  Tax year 2016 assessments are available.

You should also note that if you select: District from the drop down you can find which Fire/EMS District you're part of also, as we have 4 different fire/ems districts that cover our Town.  Your Tax Bill also shows which School District you live in, as we have 5 different School Districts that cover our Town.

Here are a few guides the Department of Revenue have put together:

Revaluation 2024

Notice of Revaluation 2024

Open Book 2024

  • Will be later in year due to reevaluation process; more details posted as we know them.

Board of Review 2024

  • See above


Objection Form for Real Property Assessment