Green County Board

The Green County Board of Supervisors meets monthly, in addition to meetings for the various committees.

Information on the County Board and various committees can be found at

Green County Supervisors representing the Town of Brooklyn


Mark Gundlach, District 29

Township/Wards: Town of Exeter (Ward 3) and Town of Brooklyn (Ward 2)

Phone: 608-577-3548

Email: [email protected]


Kathy Pennington, District 31 

Township/Wards: Most of the Town of Brooklyn (Ward 1) and all of the Village of Brooklyn located in Green County (Ward 2)

Phone: 773-636-0501

Email: [email protected]


Kurt Schafer, District 24 

Township/Wards: Town of Albany (Wards 2), Town of Brooklyn (Ward 3)

Phone: 608-332-2337

Email: [email protected]


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