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Internet Service Providers & Town Resident Pricing

Internet Service Providers & Town Resident Pricing

Take the Broadband Speed Test 

Green County and the Town of Brooklyn are actively trying to improve internet service in our areas. Green County is building a database of where our internet service is good -- and where it is not -- through resident-submitted speed tests.

Please perform the test at this link on Green County's website:

If it's not already highlighted, click the button for "Broadband Speed Test" to submit your information.

Questions? Contact Kathy Pennington. She serves on the Green County Broadband Ad Hoc Committee. Phone: (773) 636-0501 / Email: [email protected]

Internet Options in Town of Brooklyn

A list of internet options our Broadband Commissioner John Marx is aware of as of July 2020. Not all services are available for all Brooklyn addresses. This is not an endorsement for any single service, merely information to help Town residents find a provider that works for them.

Questions? Got a provider to add to the list? Contact John Marx at (608) 455-1037.



Fixed-wireless service in the 882 Evansville interchange.

(844) 913-2193



Line-of-sight service, tower located at recycling center, others in Attica, Dayton, and beyond.

Business Development Manager:  Avery Schiefelbein: (608) 334-7079 [email protected]

Avery is available to assist with Bug Tussel Internet, AT & T cellular services and FirstNet for local Police and EMTs

More info regarding the BugTussel tower located below.

**Mention that you are a Town of Brooklyn resident and are eligible for a discounted rate of $50 per month (plus equipment charges and taxes) for their 25 MBPS package. If you meet any resistance, please contact Broadband Commissioner John Marx at (608) 455-1037.



Fiber in the 455 Brooklyn interchange.

(800) 921-8101



Satellite internet provider, nationwide.

(877) 628-9075


Litewire Internet Services

Fixed-wireless service based in Evansville, WI; connection points located in various locations around the area.

(608) 882-4728



Fiber in the 862 Albany interchange.

(888) 233-0001



Satellite internet provider, nationwide.

(855) 207-0260

Broadband Tower at Recycling Center & Town Resident Pricing

The 300-foot tower installed next to the Recycling Center is part of a county-wide network of 19 towers constructed by Bug Tussel, a provider of wireless broadband internet service. The tower will also carry cellular phone service from AT&T and a dedicated public safety system called FirstNet available to Brooklyn Fire & EMS responders. The Green County Sheriff is also expected to use the tower in the future. More cellular providers may be added as well.

BugTussel pays rent to the town of Brooklyn for use of the land. The payments (initially $3,600 per year) are being deposited in the town’s general fund and benefit all town residents by offsetting property taxes.

The tower lights are required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

BugTussel offers internet choices through eight plans at various speeds and prices.  As negotiated, BugTussel will offer Town of Brooklyn residents a 50% discount on the top tier of their internet speed packages.

Town residents will be billed $50 per month for 25 mbps down load and 5 mbps upload. Taxes and equipment charges also apply. This pricing is good for as long as the resident holds the service. When you call to setup service, tell them you are a resident of the Town of Brooklyn and qualify for the discount. If they cannot connect you for the 25 mbps plan, they’ll honor the rate at the next available speed of 12 mbps, 8 mbps, or 4 mbps.

The technology on the tower will require that you are able to see it from somewhere on your property. The company website is

Contact Bug Tussel’s Business Development Manager to set up service: Avery Schiefelbein: (608) 334-7079

For cellular phone service, contact AT&T’s Baraboo store at (608) 581-8350 for an on-site appointment.

This is provided as information only and is not an endorsement of any product or service.

Last updated July 2020.